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BOGO deal and healthy holiday recipes!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Here are some useful and fun stocking stuffer ideas.

Here is a list of 11 ideas that everyone NEEDS! 1. Toothbrush - we all need clean teeth after indulging in all the Christmas goodies (this is my favorite stocking gift) 2. Movie - make a family night out of it, pop the popcorn, cozy up under the blankets, and watch the new movie together. 3. Book - We should never stop learning! Plus, reading gives you some alone time to de-stress. 4. Clementine - Who doesn't love these? Kids and adults all do, plus they have Vit C...which we all need this time of year. 5. Chocolate - can put a sweet treat in there too. You did include a tooth brush, so it evens out. 6. Trail Mix - a healthy snack for the car or office or to eat during your family movie night. 7. Socks or Underwear - Hahaha I can see my dad shaking his head now....he doesn't think this should be a Christmas gift, but I love them and we all need them! 8. Handmade coupons - for a date night, a back rub, a late night dessert, trip to the zoo, or whatever your spouse or kids would enjoy. 9. Beef Jerkey - Especially for the men in your life! Just try to find one that doesn't contain Nitrates (cancer causing ingredient) in the ingredient list. 10. Gift card - gas card, a visa card, a gift certificate to the movies, restaurant, or favorite place. 11. A gift certificate to Infinite Health - Everyone NEEDS optimal health!

Fun Winter Health Facts: -The adjustments boost the immune system by 200% -Emotional stress (stress of the holidays, family, or expectations, ect) cause 80% of subluxations (brain-body communication error) -Coconut oil and Raw garlic are two of natures strongest antibiotics -Vitamin D is cruicial in the winter months for your immune system (just make sure its a good quality one and in the right form for your body to use) and consume it with fat (egg, nuts, avocado, olive oil, ect) -Always remember those sweet Christmas goodies loaded with sugar temporarily shut off your immune system

Some of my FAVORITE Christmas recipes: Healthy Fudge....mmmm this melts in your mouth and you could eat the WHOLE pan Healthy Turtles - I love to make a huge batch of these and keep them in the freezer Trail Mix Delight Bites - These are so pretty and YUMMY Healthy Donuts - Never thought you'd hear those two words together. These are amazing and great for breakfast or snack!

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