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7 Things EVERY Mom Should DO! Especially if you're pregnant

This isn't just necessarily for Moms, Dads can use some of these tips too. But as Moms, we feel like we need to be Super-Mom and get a million things done a day (all done perfectly), cook everything from scratch, have a spotless house and be in great physical shape. How do some Moms appear to have this pulled of, while others feel like we cannot even fully accomplish one of these things?!?! Here are 7 things all moms should do to make our lives a WHOLE LOT EASIER!

Join a Mama Tribe. We need a village to help raise our families!


Now days we try to do everything on our own, playing all roles, and keeping everyone happy. But what about your happiness? Find a group of people you can trust, who won't judge you, love you no matter what, will help you when you need it, and someone to love and laugh with. This is why we started our Mama Tribe group gathering. A tribe many times makes your life easier by helping with things, remind you to focus on relationships over To-Do lists, or help you to determine what is realistic as a parent or spouse. We have become too isolated with technology and do much less in-person socialization. You'll be amazed at what a tribe can do for your sanity and well being. Your tribe can be friends, family, book club, church group, postpartum doula, MOPS, or start your own Mama Tribe.

2: Spread the LOVE

Spread the LOVE!

Again, it is so easy to bet bogged down with stress or what we didn't accomplish. Stop right there. Tell yourself, your kids, your spouse, friends/family how much they mean to you. Our days are numbered. We have so many blessings we forget to be thankful for. The other day I was dreading the thought of vacuuming, and instantly had to change my thought process. I stated "thank you for giving me a family to clean up after, a beautiful home to clean, electricity, and a vacuum." Some people don't have any of those, or desperately want something we take for granted. So please take the time to put your to-do list aside and be sure you make the special people around you feel loved and appreciated.

Not only that, but when those around you feel loved, they will carry that on and hopefully positively impact those around them! There is a famous quote from the founder of Chiropractic B.J. Palmer "You never know how far reaching something you say, think, or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow." That is so true, you can either build someone up, or tear them make it a good one!

Find time for peace and quiet

3: Find time for QUIET

A few moments of peace and quiet is essential for a mamas mental health. We hear demands, questions, laughter, screaming, and troubles all day long. We just need a few minutes to tune into our bodies, and calm our mind down. Use this time to pray, journal, reflect, meditate, cry, run, a few yoga poses, or just be at peace.

We need a few moments to ourselves to practice some self love, remind yourself that you are worthy and beautiful, focus on your purpose in this life (and it isn't scrubbing toilets, doing laundry, and being a taxi driver to your kids), and to make sure all the things you are doing are congruent with the person/mom/spouse you desire to be. Taking a few moments to just breath and relax can help us stay calm rather than reacting to something in anger, the answers to our problems are typically found here, and this is where we recharge our drained batteries.

Move your body


I am not saying you need to join a gym...but at least take 10-20 minutes a day to move and challenge your body. This will help make you stronger physically and mentally, give you more energy, boost your immune system and metabolism. There are a million workout ideas on Pinterest, free workout videos on youtube, Netflix, and other internet TV sources. We are running out of excuses. I personally used to say I didn't have the time or money to go workout. Well with all the free sources, I cannot use that as an excuse. And I used to say I didn't have time...well guess what, I bet there is 15 minutes a day of facebook we can all give up to make time for ourselves and our health! So your welcome, you now can afford and make time to workout tomorrow! Make it fun and do it with the kids! My daughter loves sitting on my back while I try to do planks or pushups.

Keep life simple, keep life minimal and easy


We all have TOO MUCH STUFF...we need to learn to live with less, buy less, and just keep our lives simple. There is research that says kids who have too many toys, are bored or destructive more often then kids with minimal toys. They found that kids with minimal toys used their imaginations more, or they go outside and use sticks as swords or rocks to build things (they have a much greater imagination). Not only that, but it is way easier to clean your home when you have less stuff. You will have more money if your aren't always buying things you don't need. And you can spend the time you would've spent shopping doing something you love instead. I read a great article the other day that said "do not keep anything in your home that you don't find beautiful or of some value". Another great tip I've read is, if you haven't used it in the last 1-2 years, it is time to part with it. This is an area of my life I am working hard at, and it has made a huge difference. Keep this in mind when you register for baby shower, birthdays or Christmas time too....there are so many things that are unnecessary.

6. Nourish yourself

Nourish your body

You are what you eat! If you fuel your body with junk, that is probably how you will feel. A great website to check out is cronometer, it is a great website to not only track your calories, but the really cool part is you can see how well you did getting all your vitamins and minerals. So I use this to determine if I got all my nutrients for the day, or if I need to take a multivitamin that day. So this is great for pregnant or lactating moms, especially. So one thing I like telling moms too, is that we typically eat the best we ever have while we are pregnant because it has such a huge impact on our growing baby. But if you are breastfeeding, it as just as important, if you are not eating the nutrients to give to baby, your body will sacrifice your health to give to baby. This is why it is important to track your nutrient intake, if you aren't getting all your vitamins/minerals to stay healthy from food, I personally take a plant based multivitamin over a synthetic vitamin. Your body can just utilize it more efficient!

Just remember that food can be a powerful medicine to our bodies if we let it.

Abs are made in the kitchen!

And you are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, and fake.

So love your self enough to live a healthy lifestyle and eat REAL food!

7. I AM.....


I AM beautiful! I AM strong! I AM thoughtful! I AM smart! I AM caring! I AM healing! I AM powerful! I AM loved! I AM worthy! I AM forgiven! I AM..... This should be our mantra to ourselves! We don't give ourselves credit for how amazing we truly are. Instead of being our worst critic, we should be our biggest fan! Build yourself up with some strong encouraging words.

Remember, the way you talk about yourself is teaching your children how to speak about themselves. I am sure you feel the same way about your kiddos as I do mine....SHE IS PERFECT, in every single way (yes even when she is ornery and rotten).

There is a great quote from Ina May Gaskin "if a women doesn't look like a goddess during childbirth, someone isn't treating her right', well I truly believe that this statement applies to our every day lives. If you are fulfilled mentally, emotionally, should look like a goddess in your yoga pants or all dressed up, with day 2 hair or all fancied up!

Put yourself first, because if you aren't you cant give 100% of yourself to the ones you love. Make sure your batteries aren't depleted, fill it with love, gratitude, health, and laughter. Remember you were put on this earth to serve a very special purpose! You are wonderful and perfect! Find the joys and love in life, there are little everyday miracles all around you if you pay attention. Focus on what really matters in life, it is too easy to get distracted.

Much Love,

Dr. Stacia

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