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Make 2015 your healthiest year YET!

Can you be any healthier?

Tis the season of New Years resolutions

New Years is here again! It's the time of year people always write out their resolutions which usually revolves around becoming healthier or personal growth. Which is absolutely fantastic, but how can you become healthier or reach your fullest potential without knowing how your master controller is working? Your master controller or nervous system controls EVERYTHING in your body. It controls our heart, lungs, mood, sleep, stomach, hormones, cholesterol levels, literally everything in the body. So shouldn't your goal for 2015 be to make sure your master controller is working at 100%? At Infinite Health we are able to do a quick and easy health scan of the body to see how your master controller is actually working. We have a New Years special of $35 for the whole family. Call today 402-884-4333 so we can help you and your family reach your fullest potential this year. Success stories for the month: some of our favorite success stories this month have been with fibromyalgia, better focus and temperament in a child, relief of back pain, greater immune system, and helping people reach their health goals!

Babies need chiropractic care....WHAT?

Most people think that chiropractic is for neck and back pain. And if that were the case, babies and kids would never need chiropractic care. Watch this video about why kids would need to see a chiropractor and how it has helped my baby be a healthier and happier kiddo!

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