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Are you doing enough?

Most people think that genetics play more of a role over our health than our lifestyle. What do you think? Well many people have closely examined this and found that genetics only controls 10% of what our health outcomes are, lifestyle is the other 90%. So that means how we care for our body: mentally, physically, spiritually by how we eat, move and think is the main determining factor as to our health and how we age. And our lifestyle either turns off or on certain genetics (for example like the cancer gene or diabetes gene). So how does this apply to our lives today during this tragic and uncertain time? Because certain things we are doing, are either benefiting or hurting our chances of our survival rate if we do happen to contract the coronavirus. We all at some point will be exposed and we have to be to become immune to it. So I would like to face that time with a strong and able body. So here are a few tips in the video as to how to increase your chances.

With coronavirus we need to focus on limiting or decreasing our inflammation. And some of the best ways to do this is....

1. Have lean muscle on your body. The more muscle = more natural anti-inflammatory properties our body naturally makes. More fat on our body = more inflamed body.

2. What are you putting in your body? What you feed your body, will either increase or decrease inflammation. Foods that increase inflammation = soda, alcohol, fast food, food additives and preservatives, pre-packaged foods. Foods that decrease inflammation = water, fruit, vegetables, pasture raised meat, eggs, nuts and seeds.

3. Do you have a comorbidity? So those who suffer from heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure are much more likely to not being strong enough to fight off this virus....why? Because all 3 of those illnesses are associated with a body full of inflammation. So you can take control today, make major lifestyle changes and reverse the damage the inflammation has caused and I have seen so many people reverse their diagnosis. You can do it too! Here is a great visual of how people with those comorbidities faired in Italy.

4. Adjustments. Yes adjustments can decrease inflammation. I do personally believe that what you are putting into your body food wise, is more impactful than 2-4 adjustments a month. But all this info it to help empower you to take control. You can have the health you desire if you are willing to make the changes! Its in your hands.

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