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Victim or overcomer

I remember from a very young age, feeling like a victim to my health. It was miserable and painful. I never want anyone to feel that way, and that’s the reason I went to Chiropractic help others heal so they would not need to suffer. I think that is what most doctors strive for, we all just use different tools to achieve that goal. Some doctors use medication or surgery to help patients. But as a chiropractor, the way we help patients is much different. We educate and empower patients, so that they can heal themselves! Yes adjustments can help people greatly along the healing journey, help them recover, boost the immune system....but true healing comes from when you are empowered to take control or your health, and heal yourself. A beautiful, perfect baby is created inside a mothers entire human made, without anyone thinking about it or making any decisions about how to put this tiny little miracle human being together (this should blow your mind). Yet we can't heal from diabetes? Cure cancer? Reverse heart disease? Heal eczema? Many times the answer is within, if we calm all the noise and just listen. what is my recommendation to being an overcomer? Listen to get the explanation of all these. But the short answer....

1. Sleep

2. Nourish your body with healthy food

3. Get Adjusted - getting adjusted boosts your immune system by 200%

4. Exercise

5. Pray / Meditate

6. Hydrate

Right now today, there is so much craziness happening in our world with this virus. And the ONLY THING WE CAN ourselves. The way we think, talk, and react. None of us have immunity to it, and we will have to create some type of immunity to it, so take control of your body and your health today, boost your immune system, and become an OVERCOMER!

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