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Why isn't my child healthy?

Do you ever feel like your kids are constantly sick? Have they been on meds way too many times in their short little lives? Do you get tired of always going to the doctor?

As parents we all just want healthy, happy, vibrant kids living at their full potential. Many kids never get the chance to experience this. But there are so many ways as parents, that we can naturally boost our kids immune system, or help their bodies heal. But unfortunately many pediatricians were never taught how. If you ask on a Facebook support page you will get so many varying opinions from people who either don't have kids, no educational background to know if their advice is supported by research or sound advice, or you get so many opinions its overwhelming.

So where do we even begin? If we cannot ask social media or our pediatrician...who can we ask? In all honesty, if I didn't have the education I do....I have NO IDEA where I would get my parenting advice, so my heart really goes out to all you parents out there. It can be so overwhelming. I feel like there is so many things I didn't even know, or I would do different after my first born, because you cannot ever know it all.

We will cover a few topics, but I will start with common things we see in the office. Some of the most common things we hear parents say: why wont my child sleep? Why is my child always sick? Why cannot my kid sit up / walk / crawl? Why is my kids balance all of a sudden horrible? Why can't my baby latch to breastfeed? Why is my child so high strung or crabby? Why isn't my child reaching their developmental milestones?

Many of these answers can have more than one answer. And I want to say...that if you ever see a practitioner that says they are a 'cure all' for all these, or the only answer to help, think twice. We don't all fit in a tiny box and we don't all respond to the same things. So a good practitioner will give you different ideas of what may help with any one of your concerns with you or your child's health issues.

Food is a huge culprit in many health and behavioral issues. Any of your children ever act like this sassy tiger after eating some, not so healthy food? I know my daughter has before, which is why we try to extremely limit her access to it. Certain chemicals in our food can really stimulate their little brains. For example Red #40, is found in mac n cheese, fruit snack, juice, candy, etc...really stimulates the brain and can make kids hyperactive.

Screen time can overstimulate the brain as well. So monitor how much time your child watches the TV, iPad, and your phone. I have always found it very interesting that Steve Jobs, did not allow his kids to use the products he created (iPad and iPhone) because he knew how bad it was for their brain. Make sure nobody in your home is having screen time 2 hours prior to bed for optimal sleep. I know we are personally very guilty of this.

How well is your child's body working? Most of us have no clue unless our kids have symptoms. But even if they have symptom's, do we know the underlying cause? Lets say the kid is poor coordination out of nowhere. It could be an ear infection, vertigo, just a random coincidence, growth spurt induced, issues with the legs, or issue with the equilibrium centers of the brain. Holy cow, that is a lot of potential 'causes', and I am sure I am forgetting a few. So that is why I love what we do. The NASA health scans we do in the office show us what the 'cause is' and how well the body is working. It can show how well the organs are working in the body, if there is major stress in the body (yes a baby can be born with major stress in their body from birth trauma or if mom was stressed during pregnancy, baby can be hardwired that way too), or if everything is working great. It is better to know than guess!

Boost their Immune Systems: Some of the best ways to boost a kids immune system is chiropractic adjustments, vitamin D3, healthy food, eliminating sugar, getting good quality sleep, and fresh garlic can all be very beneficial for the immune system.

The best thing about what we do in the office, is that it is not invasive. No drugs, surgery, or shots. I know many people are nervous taking their kids to a chiropractor....when we tell people there is no twisting / popping / cracking in our office, all their hesitation and worries go away. What we do is natural, safe, and all we are doing is helping your child's body work at its fullest God given potential.

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