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The Power of GREEN!

Hippocrates has a famous quote that I am sure you have all heard before, "LET FOOD BY THY MEDICINE"! It does not say take 5+ prescription drugs a day, live a sedentary life, and what you eat makes no difference (which sadly, this is how most of America lives today).

Your food can heal you or make you sick. Every meal you sit down to eat is either taking you one step closer to health or one step closer to sickness and disease. You get 3 choices a day!

So I had a patient asking questions about how to get more veggies in. Well since it is spring, my body starts to CRAVE salads, green smoothies, and vegetables. But I know not everyone is like that. So sometimes we need a great way to start to reintroduce vegetables, and this is one of my favorite ways. A green smoothie (yes, it actually tastes good)!

So here is a video to show you what I put into my green smoothie. In this delicious tropical tasting smoothie, there is more fruits & veggies than most people get in a whole day. My 2 year old daughter requests her "green juice' for breakfast, and yes, she occasionally requests potato chips for breakfast too....but I haven't caved to that request yet.

So this smoothie is packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium...heck with drinking milk, drink a green juice and get your calcium. Its way healthier. Getting healthier will not happen overnight, I have been on a 8 year journey and I am still not perfect. But I know so much more now about food, ingredients, good recipes, etc and that makes eating healthier much easier.

I didn't add ice to this one, so it is a bit smaller than usual. It usually fills a huge mason jar. So I add:

-1/2 lemon

-1/2 green apple (organic)

-1/2 pear (organic)

-1 celery stalk

-1/2 banana

-3/4 cup water

-large handful of spinach or romaine

-handful of ice

-Optional: 1 TBS chia seed, scoop of collagen, mercola greens, pineapple, fresh parsley/cilantro, 1 TBSP help seeds

Hope you enjoy this as much as my family does. Remember that being healthy is a process. Give yourself some time, some grace, and have fun!

If you are looking to food to heal a health issue, that can be life changing and transformational. But I do urge you to go to a neurological based chiropractor who can help you determine what your body needs to heal. Whether it be adjustments, food, supplements, prayer/meditation, etc. Health and healing is not always a one size fits all.

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