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This could determine how healthy your kids are.

When I ask people if they think the birth process has any impact on the baby, they typically think that no matter how the baby is born, if it appears healthy, then how it is born (vaginal or csection) makes no difference. Most people think that the mom and her healing process is the only thing impacted. Well, I am here to tell you that the birth process makes a huge difference. Whether you are a parent, a teen, a grandparent, or have zero intrest in having MUST WATCH this - because we all know babies, kids, and moms...and they need to know this info.

So it only took me 3.5 years to make this video because I used my personal births and kiddos to make the video. My first born was a csection and my second baby was an induced vaginal birth. Although the healing process was night and day differences for me, I was even more shocked about the difference it made on babies well being. Watch the video below to see how my babies birth effected their health. How did your child's birth impact their health?

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