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February = Fibromyalgia + V-Day

February is Fibromyalgia Month Fibromyalgia is unfortunately extremely common. We see many people in our office with fibromyalgia and their symptoms vary so much, but what all of them had in common was....they were not able to live to 100% of their potential. Every single person who has walked through our door with Fibromyalgia, has seen a huge decrease in their symptoms and a massive increase in their ability to enjoy and experience life to its fullest! If you or someone you know is suffering from fibromyalgia pass this email onto them. Chiropractic may be able to help them. Fibromyalgia is typically explained as an issue with the nerves not firing correctly and causing pain. And Chiropractic addresses just that, helping the nerves to calm down and the body to work and heal (in a super simple way of explaining how we help)!


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