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Imagine Having X-Ray Vision

How cool would it be if we had x-ray vision, and if we were ill, not feeling well, or had a chronic health issue, we could just take a peak into the body and see what was going on or causing the problem. Well guess what, WE CAN! There are ways we can peak into the body to see what is going on or what may be causing your health issues. Which is exactly why I LOVE the NASA scan equipment we is the closest thing to having x-ray vision and taking a closer look at the body and what it needs to be healthier or if it's perfect!

Here is an example: here is someone whos scans didnt change much after doing adjustments only. They still had a TON of systemic inflammation, which leads to many health issues, so we knew food needed to be addressed. Look how much the inflammation went down, just by watching their diet. The top picture is the before photo, and the bottom is the after photo.

Clean Diet decreasing Systemic Inflammation

So the red bars represent severe inflammation in the body. Look at the significant decrease in just 2 weeks. They are not perfect, but a huge improvement! This shows you an example of someone who NEEDED to address food to reach better health. Yes, we all know we should eat healthy, but sometimes its important to know if its ok to eat pizza once in a while, or if it will cause some serious health issues. Make sense?

Second, here is an example of a kid who NEVER calmed down. Their energy level was at 262 (normal for a growing kid is around 150). So this kid basically had metallica playing in their brain at all wonder they couldn't slow down. Although some of us wish we probably had that much energy, imagine trying to keep up with that or trying to learn or focus with that going on.

ADD and Chiropractic

So after one month of adjustments only, we have totally calmed down this little kiddos body just through helping his bodies wiring. We were like the electricians in his body turning off the metalica. This is a whole new kids, calm, cuddly, loving, and can chill out and have a conversation! So neat to see because chiropractic was the ONLY thing this kid needed.

So you no longer need to guess about your health. We do have access to X-Ray vision to see what your body needs. Does food, stress, the wiring system (nervous system), or supplements need to be addressed? Are you perfect already? Or are there minor changes your body needs? I would rather know for sure than guess. This is exactly why we specialize in the nervous system at our office, and monitor how your body is working. We take all the guess work out of it. Are you curious whats going on in your body?

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