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Mold Is Smart Enough to not eat this, are you?

Now if some of you do currently eat McDonalds, I am not writing to try to make you feel bad. I just want you to be aware of what you are putting in your body, because many of us have no clue. Well...Wish this happy meal a Happy 2nd Birthday! Yep, it is 2 years old and does not have a spec of mold on it. Why? If you buy bread from the store it will be moldy in about 1-2 weeks, if you make homemade bread it will be moldy in a few days. If you make hamburgers, grill them, and leave them out on the counter, they will mold. Why hasn't this burger become moldy? Answer: there are so many chemicals in this meal, mold cannot even eat it. It isn't even considered food because mold, a single celled organism (you are a smart intelligent organism made of millions of cells) wont even eat it. Think of this as a Happy Chemical Meal! The reason they do this, isn't to try to poison you (at least I hope not), but to ensure no matter what McDonald's you go to in the US, you will have the same exact flavor and quality, and they ensure this will happen by altering it with chemicals. Now if you are eating McDonald's because you are in a pinch, there are dozens of restaurants offering healthier quick alternatives. If you need help finding those places, let me know. Hope you think twice about what is in your food!

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