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Throw out this Toxic Chemical: it causes cancer, yet most of us use it daily

So really this is more of a Choose This VS That:

Lets just get right to the point here, so sorry if I am a bit blunt! Found a quote "Disease is MADE, not Caught." This means you getting heart disease, cancer, a stroke, obesity, etc....IS ALL A DAILY CHOICE. Its a choice in the brands you use, the quality of items you put in or on your body, its a choice of eating or using chemicals, its a choice of exercising or watching TV, its a choice of being proactive vs reactive. So here a few ideas to trade this for that, and why. Carpet Cleaner (really all cleaning products): So we have a 100lb dog, and he lays on our area rug all the time, and it gets a bit stinky. So instead of using carpet powder found in the cleaning isle with chemical parabens and phthalates (cancer causers), I make my own out of 2 cups of Baking soda and 30 drops of Essential oils. It works amazing and it's non toxic! This doesn't just go for carpet cleaner, it goes for candles, air fresheners, and really all cleaning products. Many products are loaded with toxins, so look for healthier alternatives that wont damage your health. Last week a patient told me he was talking to a cancer doctor, and the Dr said that so many cancers are caused by glycophosphates, herbicides, and pesticides. So all chemicals period, should just be avoided. Lunch Meat: Most of us enjoy eating sandwiches for lunch and think Subway or other sandwich chain restaurants are a healthier choice for lunch options. Most deli meat is filled with so many fillers and additives linked to cancer or contain neurotoxins (chemicals that destroy your brain or nervous system). Applegate brand sells organic deli lunch meat without all the added junk. You may pay $1-2 more, but that's way cheaper than paying for cancer treatment, going through chemo, or leaving your family too soon. This goes for your sausage patties, hotdogs, and bacon too. If the label says 'Nitrate' in it, AVOID it. Exercise: Not telling you to become a body builder or join crossfit. Just go for a 30 min walk. Excessive sitting (considered to be more than 3 hours a day) not only stresses out your body, makes you less productive, can literally shrink your brain, and increase your risk for many diseases. Then to hear that just Walking 30 minutes a day, can literally be a "MIRACLE DRUG". Its great for mental health, weight loss, reducing your risk of chronic illness, read a huge list of amazing benefits here! Check engine light: If your check engine light was on, would you take your car in, or ignore it till your car broke down? The same should apply for your health. Go to a neurological based chiropractor who can tell you how well your body is working and if there is anything you can do to improve your health. I tell people all the time, keep doing what you're doing, because your health is perfect, there is nothing I can do to improve your quality of life. Then on the other hand, we see people we can greatly improve their quality of life by recommending: diet changes, exercise, supplements, or adjustments! Let me know if you have questions! Artificial Chemicals: Artificial chemicals are found in just about everything if you aren't checking your labels. Most of these chemicals are not even allowed in other countries because of their strong link to mental issues (like alzheimers, ADD/ADHD) and a long list of health issues. So look for things like Nitrates, artificial color (Red #40, Blue #2, etc), aspartame or sucralose, soy isolate, soy lecithin, MSG, TBHQ, BHT, caramel coloring, artificial flavor, high fructose corn syrup, PGPR, and the list goes on. If you see these ingredients, try to find an alternative, preferably an ingredient you know what it is. If you need help finding an alternative, let me know! So none of these are telling you to stop eating cheese burgers and eat kale instead, just simple switches to eliminating the toxic chemicals that are banned in other countries, due to their strong link to health issues. Just simple switch of brands to save your health!

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