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5 Tips for Finding the Right Doctor

The purpose of writing this, is not to try to convince you that I am the BEST chiropractor or that I know it all. Yes, I always strive to learn more, or find the answers to your health questions. I just want to make sure that you find the right doctor that will help you or your family reach your health goals, that you are cared for the way you deserve, and that you are happy with your decision. Read these 5 tips to help you find the right doctor!


Your doctor should be someone you feel comfortable around to tell them the good, the bad, and the ugly truth too. If you feel like your doctor will judge you, belittle your, or put you down for your actions/decisions, how can you trust that they will have your back and support you when you really need it. There may be times your doctor is the only one who really knows what is going on mentally, emotionally, or physically in your body. So make sure you feel confident that they respect you enough to be honest with you. They may offer their professional opinion, but should not judge you or put you down. Them trying to help because they care, and them putting you down because they feel superior to you, are two very different things.

2. One size does not fit all!

Does everyone receive the same recommendations, care plan, or adjustment? None of us are the same exact person, and if it truly individualized...which it should be, then everyone should receive something different. If you go to a dentist, I am sure they don't put a crown on the 2nd molor of every patient. If you go to the Medical Doctor, they do not give the same antibiotic at the same dosage to every person that walks through their door regardless of their symptoms. Physical therapist dont give every patient the same exercises whether you have a shoulder, neck, low back, or knee issue. Things are individualized, and they should be. Whether it is the number of visits to see health change, kids vs adults, who needs supplemental support or lifestyle changes to see health changes. I hope this all makes sense. Basically if you go somewhere and are told 3x/week for 3 weeks, 2x/week for 4 weeks, etc....I would personally get a second opinion...especially if your friends/family member get the exact same recommendation. Or if you are receiving the exact same adjustment every your body healing and recovering if the same thing needs to be adjusted over and over again?

Yes you will get basic generalizations like, get your teeth checked every 6 months, get your eyes checked every year, come back in 1-4 weeks. Just make sure that when it comes down to your actual care, that it is individualized to you!

3. Should In-Network Determine your health decisions?

If you had your choice, would you rather go to an in-network provider who is nice with a decent education or an out of network provider who is nice with a far superior education....who would you go to? I would hope that you would choose a doctor who strives to further their education. You should be able to stump your doctor occasionally and make them search out other answers.

4. Do They Celebrate with you?

When we see good changes in our health, we want to celebrate because it makes a huge difference in our personal world or day-to-day lives. Your doctor should be ecstatic with you if your child is calmer, you can finally have regular bowel movements, you can do your chores without pain, your blood work is finally normal, or you are able to get off a medication. When a doctor celebrates your miracles with you, then you know they sincerely care about you as a person. When they take the time to listen to you, share your goal, and truly want you to succeed, they will want to celebrate because they are just as invested as you. It means they have probably thought about you in the middle of the night wondering what you need to heal, they think about you while reading journal articles, they think about you more than just the 5 minutes they are with you in the office. Find people who want to celebrate lifes miracles with you!

5. Goal Setting

Do you and your doctor share the same health goals for you? If I went to the doctor and ask, "what natural things can I do for xyz issue" and the doctor tells me I have to take 5 prescription meds, I would be mad. Same in reverse, if your doctor wants to help you get off your meds through lifestyle changes, and you don't care to make any lifestyle changes. Then you may need to make sure you either chat making sure you are on the same page, or find a doctor who supports your goals and will help you reach them. Really that is our main goal as a doctor, to help you live the life you deserve and desire. You will all have different expectation and desires for what that entails.

Basically what I am trying to say, is that finding the right doctor should make you feel like this....

Happy as a CLAM!

Hopefully this makes you giggle as much as it does me! My sweet baby girl is so happy to show off her teeth! But seriously, you should adore your doctor and it should be a mutually joyful relationship!

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