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Does sitting effect your health?

Is sitting really that bad for your health? Well watch this video to get the answer!

Did you know the average American sits 13-16hrs a day. What is that doing to your health? Can you out exercise the damage that is being done while sitting?

Plus, learn how to get more movement into your life, even if you have a desk job! Click here to watch the video!

Refer someone into the office in May, and get entered to win a FREE massage!

Do something to TREAT yourself!

Now that it is getting nice outside, there are so many things you could do to treat yourself in a tasty and healthy way!

-Have a smoothie for lunch and take a walking lunch...get out of the office,

soak up some healthy Vitamin D, fresh air, and your blood pumping!

(if you need a good smoothie idea, just let me know)

-Weekend picnic with your friends or family.

Use the time to connect with those you love and mother nature.

-Grill out for Date Night! Dinner on the patio, with your love, watching the sunset!

So many WINS here....clean kitchen, so much cheaper and healthier than eating out, and who doesn't love a sunset.

-Eat a salad, get adjusted, move your body, do a good deed for a stranger, smile bigger, and hug someone! You'll feel great too!

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