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3 Secrets to a Healthier 2017

I wonder if there will ever be a time when people no longer do New Year resolutions. Forbes states that only 8% of people achieve their New Year resolution goal......WHAT?!?! That is crazy. Why do we set the goal when 92% of us fail or never follow through? Isn't the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result? Well lets change this year.

The definition of resolution is - to find an answer to a conflict, problem, etc. Well, what is your problem that you need a solution to? When I looked up what the top resolutions were, they were: Loose weight, work out, save money, more time with friends/family, learn a new hobby/language, get organized. Secret #1: We are totally guilty of this....but if we would CANCEL CABLE or get rid of the TV in our family room, we would save money by not having that bill. We would have an extra 1-3 hours a night to workout or organize or time to learn a new hobby. Most Americans watch 35 hours of TV a week...imagine if you spent that 35 hours working on yourself, a part time job, on a new hobby, or with the ones you love....would you be happier with yourself or your life? (Now I know we don't watch 5 hours a day, but we easily watch 1-3 hours a day, which is 7-21hours a week we could be doing much more enjoyable or productive things) Secret #2: Learn how to ADD So when we take things away from ourselves, we typically feel deprived. So instead, flood yourself with adding only good things! If you can't afford to eat all organic, just do some. Google the "clean 15, dirty dozen" list. It is a list of foods that you should always buy organic due to the amount of pesticides they contain and the foods that are sprayed the least. Or just buy organic meat. Instead of joining a gym, commit to doing 5-10 minutes of working out at home. Planks, squats, and push ups can make a huge difference and you don't need a gym membership for that. Add in getting your Nervous System checked by a specific Chiropractor so you can be sure your body is working at 100%! Add in essential supplements like Vitamin D, Omega 3, or probiotics. Add in a salad or smoothie each week or each day! Focus on adding rather than saying I can't eat gluten, or sugar, or carbs. Nobody likes being deprived.

Secret #3: Do what makes you HAPPY! So many of us get bogged down by our obligations, doing things to keep others happy, or doing what we think is expected of us. Instead, make sure that whatever you are filling your time and life with, that you are happy too! Yes, sometimes a simple shift in perspective can help. Just this week, I was slightly irritated when my 2 year old cried because she couldn't go downstairs to help mom with laundry. I just wanted 5 minutes of peace and instead, I decided to take her with because she will not always want to help me fold laundry (aka throw clothes around while mom tries to fold) or spend every minute of the day with me. So whether it is a shift in perspective, or doing something YOU LOVE....just make sure you are doing things that make you feel happy and surround yourself with people you love. Hope 2017 is your BEST YEAR YET!

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