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What do Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia have in common?

If you or anyone you know has suffered with either Endometriosis or know how debilitating it can be. These people typically feel they can not live up to their potential because they are enslaved to the pain. Well, we see one very common and obvious link between the two.


What in the world does that mean? Well you body is basically just a complex wiring system allowing your brain and body to communicate with one another. If the wiring system is messed up, faulty, or just simply not working can lead to a long list of 'symptoms'.

So what does a wiring issue have to do with Endometriosis? Well, if the nerves to the ovaries and uterus are not able to clearly communicate with the brain, then those organs cannot function properly. All our patients that have had endometriosis have very similar scans...their ovaries and uterus show up yellow (showing a lack of nerve communication) on their scans. The basic explanation of Endometriosis, is uterine tissue laying down on the ovaries, intestines, etc. rather than staying in the uterus where it belongs. If you are baking a cake and the recipe isn't clear about what measurements should be use, what order to add the ingredients, or what temperature to bake the cake....chances are the cake will turn out pretty gross. Well without clear communication, things go haywire....and the same goes for your body. You need clear communication for your body to work properly. So with issues like Endometriosis, we just simply restore that clear brain body communication, and the body is able to work the way it is supposed to! Make sure to watch the video to find out what surgeons find after Endometriosis patients go in for surgery after being under chiropractic care!

And what's the deal with wiring and Fibromyalgia? First of all I have to say, not all fibromyalgia patients have a wiring issues. Many patients I have seen, their fibromyalgia is triggered by an emotionally traumatic experience, so their scans will not look like this. This can happen because, the nervous system records and memorizes everything, and if we have had a major emotional trauma, the body internalizes that, and sometimes it can manifest itself as pain. Yes we can still help these people, but in a different way. And those patients also do well with therapy, meditation, etc. And then there are people with fibromyalgia caused by a wiring issue. Where due to the lack of communication between the body and brain, the brain freaks out, wondering why the body isn't sending signals, and the brain perceives pain because we must be in danger, there is no signals coming from the body. So again, we help these people by simply re-establishing that healthy body-brain communication system.

So Chiropractic is in NO WAY treating Endometriosis or Fibromyalgia...we are just restoring that clear communication in your body, and allowing your body to work the way it is supposed to! And TRT chiropractic specifically helps with restoring that communication because we are solely focused on the brain-body communication rather than looking for fixed joints in the body. If this sounds a bit confusing sure to watch the will make a LOT more sense!

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